2 Parts Rum, 1 Part Corn: A Recipe for Rebellion

We’re back with an all new episode to inaugurate our second season of Follow the Crumbs. We begin by destroying your Disney dreams and demystifying America’s two favorite mythical Native Americans – Pocahontas and Squanto. We explore Ben Franklin’s love affair with corn and how it connected to the South’s love affair with tobacco and rum. Finally, Faye pitches yet another HBO historical fiction series focused on Paul Revere’s famed drunken horse ride through Massachusetts.

Salty People, Salty Places, and Salty Things

Eat a grapefruit, because this episode should come with a high blood pressure warning. That’s right, we’re talking about #saltsowhite. In this episode, we discuss the Celts (the unsung heroes of European history), salt churches in Poland, and Julius’s Caesar’s appetite for salt-cured ham. Finally, we dig into the rich salting mining history of Central Europe.