In Follow the Crumbs, we talk about the history of food and the food of history. We got the idea for the podcast during a post-sushi car ride when we talked about how biryani ended up in Qatar. Since then, we’ve been trying to find interesting stories about food over time. Join us as we unpack the complex relationships between food, history, and everything in between.

Faye Miller is obsessed with food, baking, and the ways in which food and culture interact and change. She’s deadly afraid of sharks and cockroaches.

Ria Chakrabarty loves to cook and learn about the role food has played in people’s lives throughout history. She hates loud chewers and having to write bios for websites.

Mary Vo is the podcast’s creator. She has a real life adult job, so she might not be able to join us for every episode, but she’s been our guiding light throughout the process.