Dumpling Diaries 3: Lost in the Himalayas

After a HUGE hiatus, we’re back! We traveled, we lost sleep, we experienced life’s ups and downs, but here we are, returning to our first love – this podcast. And we resume talking about dumplings. This week, we discuss a true champion of dumplings (the momo), Ancient Nepalese-Tibetan geopolitics, and Buddhist mythology. Finally, Faye can’t pronounce iconography, and Ria forgets South Asian geography.

Feminist Yak Dowery

In the penultimate episode of Season 1, we’re continuing our bovine fascination, but this time we’re yakking about cows’ Tibetan cousins: yaks. We trace the roots of yaks and how they drove Chinese economics for centuries, pitch an amazing HBO mini-series about the Qin Dynasty, and discuss the monetary value of yak in dowries. Finally, Faye’s cat/familiar makes a special appearance.