Dumplings Diaries 4: The Seventh Samosa

We’re back! The Dumpling Diaries continue with the unlikely journey of a Central Asian street food that became one of South Asia’s most beloved snacks. We discuss all the words to describe a flaky pastry enveloping a spiced meat and vegetable mixture, the Mamluks and the rise of the Delhi Sultanate, and how the earliest written mention of the samosa appeared outside South Asia. Finally, we discuss all the iterations of the word “samosa.”

Dumpling Diaries 3: Lost in the Himalayas

After a HUGE hiatus, we’re back! We traveled, we lost sleep, we experienced life’s ups and downs, but here we are, returning to our first love – this podcast. And we resume talking about dumplings. This week, we discuss a true champion of dumplings (the momo), Ancient Nepalese-Tibetan geopolitics, and Buddhist mythology. Finally, Faye can’t pronounce iconography, and Ria forgets South Asian geography.

Dumpling Diaries 2: Memoirs of a Gyoza

This week, we dig into our first dumping – the humble gyoza. In our dumpling taxonomy, the gyoza is a “true dumpling.” We discuss Chinese medicine, the history of Sino-Japanese relations, and how gyoza (or their ancestors) may have been found in tombs in Western Asia. Finally, we argue that dumplings are good for your health (it’s just science!).

Dumpling Diaries 1: What’s in a Name

We’re kicking off our long-awaited dumpling series by providing a methodology. Oftentimes, we find ourselves asking, “what is a dumpling,” and in this mini-episode, we provide the answer that will guide us throughout this series. We present three categories of dumplings and some examples. Finally, we leave you with some myths surrounding dumplings.