Mary’s Back, Tell A Friend: An Ode to Gin

In this very special episode, Mary makes her prodigal return to discuss her favorite booze. Our Executive Producer joins us as we discuss why William of Orange banned brandy, the English’s 50-year drunken bender, and how gin and tonics kept the sun shining on the British Empire. Finally, we debate whether or not liking gin makes you a psychopath.


The Curry Powder Plot

In our final installment of the Follow the Crumbs Indian Starter Pack, we explore how British laziness (or stupidity) created the greatest lie ever told about Indian food: the existence of curry. We also uncover Faye’s American Arab identity and complete the circle of life through vindaloo and beer. Special note: Faye recorded this episode while avoiding a fiery death at the hands of a hairy space heater.