Thomas Jefferson, the OG Hipster

The Thomas Jefferson Trilogy ends with an discussion of the third President’s very expensive tastes that eventually made him go into heavy debt. We explore Jefferson’s famed cattiness, including his snide comments about whiskey-drinkers. We also discuss how Jefferson, though a smart farmer, was pretty terrible at it, unlike George Washington. But, apparently, Jefferson was a great gardener and vegetarian. Finally, Faye takes issue with Thomas Jefferson’s dinner menu for a Tunisian diplomat.


Hot Takes and Hot Cakes: The James Hemings Story

We continue our story of the Founding Fathers and food by taking a deep dive into America’s third President’s very expensive, very European food and drink habits. We discuss Thomas Jefferson’s crazy party-planning skills/booze-purchasing habits. More importantly, we trace the origin story of one of America’s first chefs, James Hemings (brother of Sally) and this unsung hero’s rise to the top of French and American cuisine. Finally, Faye has some thoughts on the name “Benedict.”

2 Parts Rum, 1 Part Corn: A Recipe for Rebellion

We’re back with an all new episode to inaugurate our second season of Follow the Crumbs. We begin by destroying your Disney dreams and demystifying America’s two favorite mythical Native Americans – Pocahontas and Squanto. We explore Ben Franklin’s love affair with corn and how it connected to the South’s love affair with tobacco and rum. Finally, Faye pitches yet another HBO historical fiction series focused on Paul Revere’s famed drunken horse ride through Massachusetts.

The Great Texas-Arkansas Queso Bowl

In the season 1 finale, Ria and Faye insult every politician you have and haven’t heard of as they trace the origins of the greatest dish to emerge this side of the Rio Grande: queso. We also discuss the regional variations of Tex-Mex food, from the very cheesy to the less cheesy. Finally, we uncover the great conspiracy to claim a Texas institution as an Arkansas treasure.


Feminist Yak Dowery

In the penultimate episode of Season 1, we’re continuing our bovine fascination, but this time we’re yakking about cows’ Tibetan cousins: yaks. We trace the roots of yaks and how they drove Chinese economics for centuries, pitch an amazing HBO mini-series about the Qin Dynasty, and discuss the monetary value of yak in dowries. Finally, Faye’s cat/familiar makes a special appearance.


The Cow Chronicles: A Bovine Bonanza

This week, we go deep into the four bellies of a cow to uncover the mystery of where cows are from. We discuss the mechanics of cow running, the best geographic strategy for cattle trading, and the legacy of cows in college rivalries. Finally, Faye laments a missed opportunity in American history to glorify another bovine creature – the American Buffalo.


Johnny Appleseed: The Man, The Myth, The Legend?

This week, we dive into the crazy and very much not-Disney-approved life of an American folk legend and learn how the bad apples he sold contributed to the United States’s budding hard apple cider industry. We also discover that good apples violated Johnny Appleseed’s religious beliefs, but we never find out why he used a tin cooking pot for a hat. Finally, we discuss how Johnny Appleseed’s name has misled Americans for decades.


Food Crimes and How to Get Away With Them

In this episode, we try to unpack the mysteries of the crime-infested den of the Frankfurt suburbs, including two separate Nutella heists four years apart. We also talk about Canada’s syrup cartel and the exact price the Quebecois place on their freedom to make as much syrup as they want. Finally, Faye makes an impassioned plea for food justice.


Galentine’s Day Special Waffle Spectacular

In honor of Parks and Recreation, and Leslie Knope, we turn back time to discuss when waffles were just pretty communion wafers, the many World Fairs (and their associated crimes), and the difficulty of French pronunciations. We also discuss the true meaning of Galentine’s Day. Finally, we give you a taste of the underbelly of the culinary world.


Mary’s Back, Tell A Friend: An Ode to Gin

In this very special episode, Mary makes her prodigal return to discuss her favorite booze. Our Executive Producer joins us as we discuss why William of Orange banned brandy, the English’s 50-year drunken bender, and how gin and tonics kept the sun shining on the British Empire. Finally, we debate whether or not liking gin makes you a psychopath.