Remember the Margarita!

In this episode, we’re diving into one of Mexico’s beloved cocktails – the margarita. Of course, the history of this drink is murky, and we explore the margarita’s competing origin stories. We discuss a showgirl who was allergic to every alcohol except tequila, a house party hosted by Dallas socialite and a Hilton in Acapulco, and Rita Hayworth’s time in Tijuana. Finally, we give you a Spanish lesson.

Fiesta de Tamal

It’s our first episode of the decade! In this episode, we discuss the development of food pouches in the western hemisphere, the mythology of Three Kings Day, and how non-Latinx Texas families started hosting tamaladas. Finally, we extoll the virtues of the deliciousness of tamales.

NOTE: In this new year, we’re resolving to release episodes on a more regular schedule by moving our release day to Sundays.

Praise the Corn Gods! Corn, Pt. 2

We’re wrapping up our corn mini-series by going back in time. We start by following the mystery around the domestication of corn in Mesoamerica. Then, we explore the importance of corn in pre-Columbian life, particularly in Mayan and Aztec religions. We discuss the Mayan Maize God and Centeotl, the role of corn in the creation of the universe and mankind, and the real reason why the Aztecs followed the Spanish around with incense. Finally, we discuss the ancient Mayan sport of xbalanque.